What is the CRNAs of Arizona PAC?

The CRNAs of Arizona Political Action Committee is a group of CRNAs who support legislators with a record of support for CRNAs. 

Why do CRNAs in AZ need a PAC?

For CRNAs to maintain and advance our practice rights in the state of Arizona, we must have a voice in the legislature - where decisions are made.  Certain legislators understand CRNAs and our concerns - and a PAC makes sure they have the resources to stay in office and make decisions that support CRNAs.

Who funds the CRNA’S of Arizona PAC?

People like you.  Our PAC counts on contributions from CRNAs and others who support CRNAs to have a voice and push our agenda with the Arizona state legislature.

Why do we need a separate PAC for Arizona, when there is already a National PAC affiliated with the AANA?

Simply, the national PAC works on federal issues, and our state PAC works on state issues.  

The CRNA-PAC works on federal and regional problems (ie anesthesia reimbursement, federal laws regarding supervision and medical direction, educational funding, Veteran’s Administration issues). 

CRNAs of AZ PAC works on state issues.  Many of the laws and rules affecting practice rights for CRNAs are decided on the state level.  We need a PAC here in Arizona to assure our voice is heard with the state legislature.

Does the Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AzANA) or American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (ANNA) control the CRNAs of Arizona PAC?

CRNAs of Arizona PAC is a separate entity from the AzANA and AANA.  We do work in conjunction with the AzANA, but do not receive any financial contribution from either organization.

Can contributions to the PAC come from my anesthesia corporation or a larger corporation?

No, Arizona law prohibits corporate contributions to the PAC (sorry independent contractor CRNAs!).  

Can contributions to the PAC be made anonymously?

From time to time, we may recognize our most consistent and generous contributions.  However, if you wish not to be recognized in any CRNAs of AZ PAC or other publications, that's no problem - we'll just leave your name off of that publication.  

CRNAs of AZ PAC is required to record and report who makes political donations to the AZ Secretary of State, but this information are not made public to our knowledge.  

Does the PAC contribute to democrat or republican candidates? 

CRNAs of Arizona PAC does not claim any affiliation to a political party.  CRNAs of Arizona PAC will make campaign contributions to any candidate, Republican, Democrat or otherwise that will support CRNAs in the state legislature.  

Can contributions to the PAC be used as a tax deduction?

Unfortunately, contributions to a political action committee are not tax deductible.  The federal government does not qualify any campaign contributions as a tax deduction.

Who decides what politicians received contributions from the CRNAs of Arizona PAC?

The CRNAs of Arizona PAC Committee carefully evaluates legislators’ records, as well as interacts personally with legislators and their staff, to determine if they understand and support CRNAs.  This committee is composed of a Chairman, Treasurer, and board members.  All members are CRNAs.